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Ioannis Karalias - Internal Journey

Ioannis Karalias - Internal Journey

Tags: poetry, surreal, ioannis karalias, poet

  • ISBN: 0-935119-70-1
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Self-referential poetry is where the images of the verses dominate independently of their musicality. Images that are void, painful, extreme, occasionally surreal.

Already, at the first page, the lyricist’s palette emerges, translated into an abundant effusion of feeling.

Indeed, in this collection, Ioannis Karalias exhausts the strings of his heart in order to allow us to partake of his internal tremors that gradually become our own.

For example, in Foolish Years, the tremors of explosive guilt that calls for “the bullet of frankness to alleviate the soul;” (p. 56) even those of a ravaged childhood in an environment that had already collapsed before the soul came to life as in Looting “long before it could be conceived” (p. 68).

Also, the tremor of shaking off erotic taboo, as when he writes in Infinity of Love, “I quench my thirst in your lips and free myself of the irrational” (p. 40).

Can’t we also hear the tremulous resonance of the father’s, that god-father’s course voice in Yesterday’s Dream: “solid as a rock that leans on top of you causing paralysis of the limbs?” (p. 24).

By this Kafkaesque reference, the poet’s psychological atmosphere leaves no doubt as to his subversiveness. It is a life attitude expressed in full through Satrean existentialism, existential humanism, or, if you prefer, Epicurean individualism.

Therefore, from beginning to end, the poet remains true to himself. He does not flee before ruthless reality of birth and decay. He does not slip in otherworldly recipes of happiness. That means that he withstands the idea of human tragic loneliness. There lies the meaning of the present collection, entitled “Internal Journey”.

Hard Cover: Perfect Bound
Pages: 100
Publication Date: 2019
ISBN: 0-935119-70-1
Price: 18,00 euros

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