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Clio Part I. II. III. by James Gates Percival

Clio Part I. II. III. by James Gates Percival

Tags: poetry, James Gates Percival, Clio, Prometheus, Literature

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The mythical name of “Clio” is what James Gates Percival selected for this second astonishing collection of poetry.  Astounding because this collection of poetry, composed in three parts, was initially written by a mere teenager and completed and finally published in Charleston, South Carolina by S. Babcock & Co. in 1822 (No. I) and in New Haven, Connecticut by S. Converse also in 1822 (No. II) when the poet had reached the age of 27.  This was Percival’s fourth publication, and second book of poetry, following several publications in New Haven. Percival first wrote parts of Clio while studying medicine at the Yale University between the ages 16-20, and while he was already simultaneously engaged in his first great published poetic work, Prometheus I and II. By 1820, after having been admitted into the practice in medicine in Charleston, he had completed Clio No. I and readied it for publication in 1822. 

Hard Cover: Perfect Bound
Pages: 368
ISBN: 0-93119-72-8
Introduction by
Christian Narkiewicz - Laine

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