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Catalogue of the painting exhibition FLASHBACK that took place at Tsichritzis Foundation for the Visual Arts (Kifissia, Greece) in 2020 by loannis Karalias; a poet, architect, and painter whose works have been featured at major museums and galleries throughout Europe, South America, and The United States. 

This retrospective show brings together a selection of artworks produced from 2009 to 2019.

As the artist and author Rania Kapeliari commented about his work, "Ultimately Ioannis Karalias, as a painter, remainsa constant scholar of the human psychology,” and continues, “he often puts himself at risk. He continually changes his subjects, introduces elements of his own experiences in his paintings, and he rejects the classical depiction of the objective world. The human form is the central axis of his work. In claustrophobic spaces or out in the open, his shady, lonely bodies, crippled by their choices, struggle to break free from their chains. There are very few portraits among his works. Gestures that look like hieroglyphics and a sizeable yellow fountain that comes alive out of a child’s drawing to cool off all the tension. The sea hugs an emotional figure. I believe that those paintings are psychograms, that one can hang on their wall. Their vibrant color transforms them into spring bouquets."

Soft Cover: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 0-935119-77-9
Pages: 66
Publication Date: 2020

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