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Lyrical Expressionism: The Poetics of Archtecture

Lyrical Expressionism: The Poetics of Archtecture

Tags: New American Architecture, American design, Architecture Design, Design, Global Architecture Design, Christian Narkiewicz - Laine

  • ISBN: 0-935119-61-2
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Lyrical Expressionism, is the creation of emotionally expressive and fluid forms, combined with a narrative. We don’t design in this manner exclusively, since, as committed general practitioners, we encounter numerous design challenges, each with a unique sense of appropriate formal solution. Sometimes this is context based, where we limit ourselves to “fit” in, sometimes it is budget based. In all cases the intent is to create emotionally meaningful work, that provokes a positive response from the community it serves.

The work that follows in this publication are examples of a direction towards Lyrical Expressionism. The design challenge is to balance, expressive formal power, an evocative narrative, and a fit with the underlying program, and ultimately the context, both physical and cultural. The degree to which each of these supports and extends the others, fundamentally determines the success of the design effort.

In addition we discovered in the process of accepting the award that there was a common and unique bond of poetry between us. Louis Sullivan, who the American Prize for Architecture is in honor of, was a poet of substantial talent. It also turns out that both Christian Narkiewicz-Laine, President of The Chicago Athenaeum and Ioannis Karalias, Chair of The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies are published poets as well.

What follows below, and was inspired by this connection, is my acceptance speech for the American Prize for Architecture given at the Orlando Museum of Art.

Soft Cover: Perfect Bound.
Pages: 96
Publication Date: 2017
ISBN: 0-935119-61-2

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