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Tags: praxis, alessandro mendini, design, architecture, product design

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As Alessandro Mendini states in his introduction for Praxis, Christian Narkiewicz-Laine […] "glides with skillful nonchalance from praxis to theory, mastering techniques, proceedings and installations. With widely divergent icons he constructs an artistic synthesis that is the fruit of a complex and highly intellectual mental collage. His word is as strong as it is classical, as abstract as it is pragmatic – permanently entrusted to the kind of freedom only eclecticism concedes. This translates to continual renewal and vouches for openness toward the future. The regenerated ready-made, the elegance of symbolic graphics, the performance on land-art scale, the drama of action painting, the large pneumatic submarine, the protest poster, the fineness of Delft porcelain, the staging of one’s own assassination, the poetic phrases, the classification of weapons of mass destruction, the memento mori, the museum façade with recycled fabrics, the billboards, the collecting of urine, and references to Fragonard. This whole collection of conceptual and physical material, processed and exhibited with delicacy, converge to constitute the big museum of work of an artist-architect and visionary designer, whose noble vocation for humanitarian activism and social justice becomes the leitmotif of a poetic existence that is a great testimony of peace."

Soft Cover: Perfect Bound
Pages: 164
ISBN: 0-935119-44-2

Publication Date: 2013

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